About Us

Indian culture is unique culture based on the unity in diversity due to different traditions, languages, races, religions etc,. In order to promote and protect the cultural heritage for upcoming generations to grasp the uniqueness of Indian culture, Cultural Book of Records India was established in 2016. Since establishment, Cultural Book of Records India is striving   to create awareness  and recognize the distinctive culture and arts heritage.

Cultural Books of Records India is an international organization having affiliations from United Nations - Global Compact, New York; International Commission for Diplomatic Relations; Royal Academy - USA; International Open University for Humanity & Health Sciences - Texas, USA and International Commission for Jury. Now this organization actively participating in 16 countries to promote culture and heritage.

Cultural Book of Records enrolls independent achieving of individuals in field related to Indian culture and heritage like Dance - kuchipudi, bharatanatyam, kathak, kathakali, mohiniattam, thimsa and other folk dances;  Music - vocal music like keerthanas, bhajans, qawwalis, etc. In the field of art like painters, amateur artists and field of sculpture like temple architecture and miniature sculpture artist. The people who take care of religious activities like priests of all religions. Independent achievers of drama artists, cine artists and television artists. The book also records group participations in dance and music like annamacharya, ramadasu, purandharadasu, kabirdas, nanak and gautham buddha and mahaveera.

Aims & Ojectives:

  • To protect and promote the culture of India
  • To excavate the Indian cultural heritage.
  • To honor a few deserved individuals with Cultural Book of Records India enrollment - Noble Order of Human Excellence.


Our Promotions:

  • Issuing scholarships to the needy and promoting eminent cultural artistes and institutions.
  • Offering donations to the Cultural Associations and Promoters.
  • Arranging Cultural Exchange Programmes within Indian and abroad.
  • Recommending outstanding cultural exponents for the honorary doctorate and international awards.
  • Introducing eminent artistes to the international associations and to conduct global cultural festivals and conferences.
  • Recommending eminent persons based on eminence, excellency and experience  to honorary doctorate from US and UK Universities like Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Academy of Global Peace, World Cultural Forum etc.